Jimmy Page

24 Sep 1971

I played the second night at the Budokan with Led Zeppelin

During the first tour of Japan, Led Zeppelin was to play two nights at Budokan. Between visits to club Byblos, Tokyo Hilton and the Budokan Hall, some good music and concerts were performed for the Japanese audience who were so respectful, quiet and attentive during the songs. This was interesting, because we could hear each other perfectly and we could explore the music in greater depth, giving us a chance of a serious musical work out. We played 'Your Time Is Gonna Come' in the medley section of 'Whole Lotta Love', the only time we ever played it in that context. It is interesting how well we played and were prepared to step up to the precipice under these quite analytical conditions.

Video: My early impressions of Tokyo

This performance was recorded, as were my early impressions on a newly acquired Super 8 Cine Camera.