Lucifer Rising (Signed Deluxe Edition): Reservation List

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For fairness, Deluxe and Signed Deluxe editions of 'Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks' will only be available through a pre-registration system in advance of the release day - Tuesday, 20th March 2012

On Monday, 19th March 2012, will randomly select 418 registrants from these lists - 93 from this Signed Deluxe list and 325 from the Deluxe list - to gain exclusive access for 48 hours to purchase the corresponding product.

Those wishing to purchase a Signed Deluxe edition can register their interest below. Only successful registrants will be able to purchase a Signed Deluxe edition within the 48-hour window. Any remaining Signed Deluxe editions not purchased by successful registrants during this period will then go on general sale at 14:00 GMT on Thursday, 22nd March 2012.